Café Super Brasil

Café Super Brasil Company s.a.l. was established in Lebanon in 1970. Since its creation, it has grown to become one of Lebanon’s leading coffee manufacturers with distribution hubs across the country. Today, we have a large team specialized in manufacturing, distribution and marketing of a full range of coffee products, machines and related accessories, catering to all trade channels.


CORSO is a high end coffee brand with a full range of coffee products such as capsules and roasted beans.

Derived from the finest quality coffee beans and prepared by experts with over 45 years of experience in the industry.

CORSO is the modern day coffee that oozes finesse, delight and sophistication.

Its uniquely delicious taste is crafted by our master blender from the richest coffee beans, harvested from premium soils.

Pasta Della Nonna

Inspired by the pasta making traditions of Italy, Pasta Della Nonna brings you a deliciously memorable taste experience in every bite. Our pasta recipe was handed down from generations of Italian grandmothers to our chef. Using state of the art Italian machines, a slow drying process and specialized packaging, we transformed premium 100% Durum Wheat into various pasta types so you can turn them into mouthwatering pasta dishes.

Beit Al Safa

Handcrafted and transferred from generation to generation, Beit Al Safa is a taste from home delivered straight to your table. Proudly made in Lebanon, we promote our Lebanese heritage by producing local products that are at the heart of the Lebanese cuisine. At Beit Al Safa, we support local producers through special partnerships to grow our community and preserve our environment. Our premium quality, superior taste, and modern manufacturing know-how are what differentiate us; our products are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Preservative Free, Vegan, and a great source of Omega.